So what's the deal with this adventure race?

This race is like no other adventure race out there.

Think, Double Dare physical challenges, meets Survivor challenges, add in some Amazing Race team dynamics, and throw in a cycling / running race around Angel Island.

(Now that you've watched all episodes of those amazing shows, you’re a pro and are ready for the race!)


The Angel Island Adventure Race features 8 - 10 fun and challenging obstacles throughout the island. Teams of two or four bike and run on trails, fire roads, and Angel Island’s Perimeter Rd. completing obstacles along the way. 


Teams won't know the course or challenges until the day of the race, so tactics can be planned on the ferry ride over, up until race time.  

Remember, this race is focused around team dynamics, communication, and coordination. 





The goal of this race is to complete all challenges and obstacles, race back to Ayala Cove, complete one final challenge and sprint to the finish line!


There is no order to completing obstacles / challenges, but teammates should work together to formulate a plan of attack once they receive the race map. Some obstacles require all teammates to be present, while others only require a single teammate.

No team will know any of the obstacles / challenges before race day. 



Circumnavigating these roads and trails will test your mind, body, and spirit. Get ready to sweat on this hilly course and experience the island's breathtaking scenery and panoramic vistas!