Adult Race Division

The Angel Island Adventure Race has two disciplines for Adult Race Teams:

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Each of these divisions gives teams the great opportunity of exploring competitive teamwork and taking it to a whole new level.

The 4th Annual AI Adventure Race will be bigger and better with all new obstacles. The day will test a teams combined efforts in coordination, strategy, and cooperation.


Your day starts in Tiburon or Pier 39, where you will receive a course map with the outlying of obstacles. There is no set path, so teams will have one hour to coordinate their route and choose who bikes, who runs, and who goes where. Your team will navigate most of the island, including AI’s five mile Perimeter Rd., four miles of fire rd. and thirteen miles of trails getting you to the top of Mt. Livermore, sitting at 788’. Your team will do around 5 - 7 miles of running and biking each (depends on your teams planning)..

Some obstacles need all team members, while others only need one member to complete it. Teammates can switch on and off the bike as much as they choose— there is no right or wrong way to race, it’s all up to your team.

All of the obstacles range from giant puzzle mazes that you construct and navigate a ball through; to giant slingshots where you launch objects to a partner 100 feet away.

While on course you’ll encounter five stations of the same obstacle at each location. This will help cut down on your wait time if a lot teams had a similar plan. If all the stations are full, change your plans and move on to the next obstacle or take your chances and wait— Just remember to communicate with your team before you change it up! The recipe for success is constant team support!


After your team races up and down Angel Island’s hilly course, completing all the obstacles, and collecting each of the obstacles TOC (Token’s of Completion), you will have one final obstacle at Ayala Cove (The Start/Finish Line). Your team will have to decipher the puzzle using all the TOC’s earned from each obstacle. Once the final obstacle is completed collect your finisher medal and sprint through the finish line!


Now that your team has conquered the island, you’ll get to relax, take in all the beauty Angel Island has to offer, and party it up for Cinco De Mayo! All finishers get an ice cold Lagunitas beer and Baja Fresh Burrito w/ chips and salsa. We will have your favorite backyard games (corn hole, can jam, and, spike ball), a live DJ, and $3 beers to cool down, kick back, and bask in all the glory!

The party ends at 4pm and the last boat is at 5pm, so don’t miss that boat or you’ll be camping on the island.

See you on May 4th, 2019 for the Adult Team Race

(Don’t forget Early Bird Registration ends on 12/31)